Modern History 2.0

A tribute to Sarah Charlesworth
by @leozeba

In this work in progress experiment I revisit the Charlesworth's work "Modern History Series" in the light of our time using a computer programming approach in my first public incursion in the world of art and technology.

Sarah Edwards Charlesworth (March 29, 1947 – June 25, 2013) was an American conceptual artist and photographer. She is considered part of The Pictures Generation, a loose-knit group of artists working in New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s, all of whom were concerned with how images shape our everyday lives and society as a whole. - Wikipedia

The New York Times Series

The series here comprises about hundreds of images where I've programatically applied Charlesworth's concept used in her "Modern History Series" work. I've described all the process in this blog post.

To keep Charlesworth's strategies of appropriation and reconstitution present in "Modern History 2.0", I've also published my code as an open source project so every one can use it as they think they should. All of you are invited to collaborate or create your own fork. At the heart of open source is the idea that by sharing code, we can make better, more reliable software. I do believe that sharing code we can make more art and a better world.

I hope you enjoy it!

The New York Times Series